Best Places to Visit in Danville, Illinois

Danville offers world-renowned museums and shops filled with one-of-a-kind finds, as well as beautiful parks featuring wildlife.

Lincoln history is an extremely popular draw here with 12 sites dedicated to his 18 years practicing law on the 8th Judicial Circuit. Fithian House features both Lincoln’s historic speech platform from which he delivered it in 1858 as well as his bedroom that he used during numerous visits.

1. Vermilion County War Museum

Vermilion County War Museum offers something exciting and interesting for history fans of all ages. Located in a two-story building, its exhibits showcase hundreds of artifacts dating from the American Revolutionary War through today, such as weapons, ammunition and uniforms from this time period and beyond. Interactive battle simulations as well as displays honoring veterans, medal of honor recipients, Merchant Mariners and women serving in military units also add depth to its offerings.

The museum is housed in a historic home built by Dr. William Fithian, the county’s first doctor, which has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Additionally, it boasts the law office where Lincoln practiced law during his visit in 1841.

Visitors can tour a home, schoolhouse and coal mine shaft before exploring various exhibitions on the museum’s first floor that showcase natural and mining history in their area. Group and bus tours are also offered here with advance notice required for larger groups.

Danville’s historic landmark stands as an essential stop on visitors’ tours through town, and is an absolute must-see. Crafted from limestone blocks and boasting intricate details that reflect its heritage, this 20-foot monument stands on a pedestal with triangular pediment for easy viewing by all who visit this fascinating community.

Danville’s charming downtown is a shopping haven. Packed with boutique stores offering antiques, furniture, interior design, jewelry, beauty supplies and shoes among others – not to mention several restaurants, eateries, pocket parks and plazas offering picnicking on warm days – its picturesque streets provide the ideal setting.

Vermilion County Illinois offers numerous museums and attractions that explore its rich and varied history, such as the Hallene Gateway Monument which features limestone blocks with ornate detailing to honor World War I veterans in Vermilion County Illinois.

Lindley Sign Post Forest is one of Urbana’s favorite environmental attractions and must-sees, boasting over five hundred handmade signs that form this majestic forest. Visitors to Urbana should stop here!

2. Lake Vermilion County Park

The county park boasts a marina, dock complex, playground and picnic shelter. Visitors can also fish on one of Illinois’s heavily-stocked lakes with bass, northerns and tiger muskies; or enjoy swimming beach access, hiking and biking trails, wildlife observation opportunities or rent rental buildings for family events.

The area around Lake Erie was once an extensive coal mining region. Mines operated until early 1900s before gradually closing. Nowadays, however, this part of Pennsylvania offers numerous tourist attractions, from quality museums and boutique shops to historic Abraham Lincoln landmarks and more.

The region is widely celebrated for its fall foliage. Peak color season usually falls during the second and third weeks of October; however, timing varies based on weather conditions and other factors. If visiting during this time, make sure to visit Forest Glen Preserve or Kennekuk Cove County Park’s observation towers for stunning views that you can enjoy with a game of online poker on platforms described on the!

Middle Fork Vermilion River, part of the Wabash River system, drains over 1,300 square miles. Tributaries include Long Point Creek and Rooks Creek.

The river provides the ultimate fishing paradise, offering eddies, slack pools, overhanging trees and downed trees, deep holes and rocky shorelines – as well as being home to wildlife like birds and animals who make their home along its banks.

Vermilion County offers something for every recreational interest imaginable – kayaking, canoeing and paddleboarding along its waters or simply admiring its breathtaking scenery from land – from camping and swimming at Kickapoo State Recreation Area left by strip mining operations; renting bikes for exploring its scenic hardwood forests; as well as educational programs from Vermilion Conservation District like Traveling Naturalists (January-March) and Outdoor School (April-May & Aug – Nov).

3. Vermilion County Museum

Vermilion County Museum offers visitors of all ages an engaging history experience through exhibits from two historic buildings within walking distance from each other, the Vermilion County Museum has something for everyone interested in military history. Artifacts from Revolutionary War, Civil War, World Wars I & II as well as other conflicts around the globe can be found here, alongside interactive displays which allow visitors to experience life in military throughout history.

The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm and admission is free for everyone of all ages and wheelchair accessibility. Additionally, school-age children may participate in educational programs and activities available here as well as lectures/workshops about local history topics.

Hallene Gateway Monument in Urbana, Illinois is an exquisite landmark that honors veterans of World War I. Constructed from limestone blocks with intricate detailing that makes for an impressive sight, the Hallene Gateway Monument stands near Urbana’s main roadway – making it a fantastic spot to learn about Champaign-Urbana history!

Vermilion County Museum in Danville, Illinois specializes in its historical and cultural heritage. Exhibits at this museum highlight all aspects of life from early Native American tribes through pioneers and abolitionists; furthermore it showcases quilts pottery and basket displays by local artisans.

The museum can be found at 116 N. Gilbert Street in Danville, Illinois and can be easily reached from Interstate 74 via Gilbert Street exit and following it north across Big Vermilion River bridge to museum approximately two blocks north from river and past Main Street on left side.

The Vermilion County Museum is a small institution dedicated to preserving local history in Vermilion County. Exhibits showcase items from its pioneer and abolitionist days as well as displays that detail military involvement within its borders. Additionally, this museum houses Civil War artifacts along with replicas of one-room schoolhouses and Lincoln’s law office for viewing pleasure.

4. Historic Downtown Danville

Danville stands out among towns as an exceptional place for tourist attractions, boasting world-class museums and shops with incredible finds as well as its rich history including several Abraham Lincoln historic sites. Additionally, there are recreational parks which provide activities like hiking trails, camping, fishing and horseback riding for its residents to enjoy.

Town is well known for its fine dining and entertainment offerings. Restaurants here serve an eclectic range of local and international cuisines; theaters include Fischer Theatre – which has been an epicenter for cultural activity for more than 100 years; parks and plazas provide space to relax;

Sports fans will appreciate Danville Stadium, which can accommodate 4,000 spectators and serves as home ground for the Danville Dans baseball team. There are various souvenir shops at the stadium where you can purchase jerseys or merchandise related to your favourite team.

Lamon House is a historic frame house constructed by Melissa Beckwith and Joseph Lamon, relatives of Ward Hill Lamon who was one of Abraham Lincoln’s political allies and companions. For those curious to learn about our country’s rich history, this should not be missed as a must-visit spot.

Danville is best known for its annual festival, Balloons Over Vermilion, held each July and attracting huge crowds for two days of activities like balloonist parades, plane flyovers, tethered rides, etc. The Lindley Sign Post Forest in particular is well worth seeing; consisting of Carl Lindley’s collection of unique signs that were made by residents from his hometown – making for a breathtaking display. In July itself, however, Balloons Over Vermilion takes place here as part of an attraction which draws huge crowds for two days of activities – such as balloonist parades accompanied by plane flyovers & tethered rides & plane flyovers plus tethered rides!

Danville Street Merchants District offers shoppers looking for some retail therapy an ample selection of stores offering antiques, clothing, shoes, furniture, interior design supplies and beauty supplies as well as pocket parks and plazas where people can picnic on warm days.